Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ending of a season

This summer has brought me strong muscles from working long hard days at the farm. A long with these pipes!! I have gained an much deeper understanding of how important a mothers presents is needed during their child's sporting events. As most of you know my daughter loves house back riding. She competed every weekend this summer, completing the year high point 12 and under Champion. As well as finishing first in most of her classes at the local fairs. Her horse has taken her to confidence level no one else on this earth could besides our God. She has really learnt the importance of hard work and the lesson to not give up or give in! Even when you have been literally knocked to the ground while the horse lands on your head. I just shuttered when the staff at the riding camp told me!!! As for me, I stand back and watch every move she makes at every lesson, club show and fair comp. I have watched some of the other children compete all summer with no support at all from their parents. One family that comes to mind is having allot of issues with their daughter in school, social areas and behaviour in the home. This is the same family that has never once come to their daughters events nor did they show up for the banquet where daughter received many many awards. I pray for these parents that they would realize the importance of their presents. Thank the Lord that I have the oppourtunity to attend all of these events. Because I know how hard it is when work, other children and your spouse are needing your attention all at the sametime.


Shari said...

You're an awesome Mom and a great example for those around you.

Mona said...

So good to see you back blogging.
I am in total agreement with Shari.
We have missed you and I miss Kelly too on Thursday nights.
PS. Hit any Turtles lately.

Maureen said...

Ok Lady it's been 4 months since you have posted and I will speak for us all.