Friday, May 1, 2009

Learning So Much

Life is so full and the opportunity to learn is always there.
These past few months God has lite my path and shown me the dark places too! As scary as they used to seem I find myself being drawn to find out whats behind the darkness.
Wow, you would not believe the things I have found.
The best one so far is a quote I heard, "Face your fears and you become fearless"
Speaks volumes to my life.
Finding out that trender and strong can fit in the same person:) That's me!!
Thank God

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Ending of a season

This summer has brought me strong muscles from working long hard days at the farm. A long with these pipes!! I have gained an much deeper understanding of how important a mothers presents is needed during their child's sporting events. As most of you know my daughter loves house back riding. She competed every weekend this summer, completing the year high point 12 and under Champion. As well as finishing first in most of her classes at the local fairs. Her horse has taken her to confidence level no one else on this earth could besides our God. She has really learnt the importance of hard work and the lesson to not give up or give in! Even when you have been literally knocked to the ground while the horse lands on your head. I just shuttered when the staff at the riding camp told me!!! As for me, I stand back and watch every move she makes at every lesson, club show and fair comp. I have watched some of the other children compete all summer with no support at all from their parents. One family that comes to mind is having allot of issues with their daughter in school, social areas and behaviour in the home. This is the same family that has never once come to their daughters events nor did they show up for the banquet where daughter received many many awards. I pray for these parents that they would realize the importance of their presents. Thank the Lord that I have the oppourtunity to attend all of these events. Because I know how hard it is when work, other children and your spouse are needing your attention all at the sametime.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

15 years of dedication

Ever since I was a pre-teen I have had a heart for supporting people with special needs. Through the grace of God, I have been able to educate myself for the best interest of the individuals we support and to teach my daughter that with God all things are possible. Anyone who works in the health care field knows that it is hard to get a job that pays well. So for the past 15 years or more I have raised Kelly, worked 3-5 jobs all at one time and put myself through College and University. This past week all of my hard work and dedication has paid off.
I have been hired full time with the agency I have been with for the past 9 years, in the position that I went to University for. With this great opportunity I can sleep regularly and focus on God and my daughter. With a little extra cash to go with it. The best part is that I have been able to give up my other 2 jobs!! Hippeey :)

Wow God is Great

Come on everyone do the happy dance with me!!:)

Here is my commitment to use my time and finances wisely.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Kelly's First Riding Comp. With Peppy

This mothers day was very very busy for us. Kelly rode her horse paprika, she has been training for the last 3 1/2 years. They worked so good together :) They took home a couple of first place ribbons and 3-3rds and some 5ths. What a wonderful experience to see her so happy. This is her third year running and has trained a baby every year. But this was really special because it was her baby this time around. Go Kelly GO!!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Girls night In

Hello my Ladies :)

With spring coming and everything coming back to life, I am really feeling the need for a fun, silly, giggly, pj wearing girls night in.
Anyone feeling the same way?

Let me know


Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Sweet little Alligator

I have many nick names that I call my daughter like Joey, jelly bean, Miss Talyer if she needs correction but my favorate name for when I am so excited about who she is, is My sweet little Alligator. It comes from a story that I used to read to her when she was little. Where a chicken finds what she thinks is a rock and turns out to be an alligator egg. Not knowing that the alligator was not a chicken, the chicken treats her like one of her own and does everything with him that she would do with the other chickens. In the end the chicken finds the alligators mom and learns the true idenity of the "alligator" she had found. This did not change their relationship as they loved each other for who they were on the inside not by what they expection from the persons outer appearance. I miss her so much on the shifts when she has to be away for over nights. I am so blessed and greatful that I have Bette-Ann and her family to look after my sweet little alligator. Thank you Bette-Ann :)

Sunday, March 23, 2008

A prayer request

As most of you already know I am huge horse lover and well here is my story. Last night was one of the longest nights in my life and here I am back at work, (late I might add, I had 2 alarms set and neither of them went off??) During the later part of my shift yesterday I had this pull to go to the farm, not a normal "just wanting to be with the horses" but more of a NEED to be there. When I got to the house where I thought everyone would be as it was our night for Easter dinner. I came to find everyone running around in confussion and emotional pain. We had lost a colt on thursday and now we were lossing the mare as well. The vet was there to assist her in her way to heaven, and alast she went. Within the time she was dying, we had a mare give birth to a beautiful filey but a month earily. She is very small and has not developed completely yet. The out look from the vets eye's is that she would not make the night. But when I left (at 2 am)she had taken 2 bottles and a shot of vitamines. The Hardest part of this loss is that these 2 horses are the last of my dads "fly girl" blood line. They were to carry on the breeding line. My dad was heart broken and my brother is believing that he is being attacked, (which he is) and not sure if he con keep his commitment to not drink, I had a chance to pray for him(WOW). Our entire family needs prayer to see the light even in the darkness of the might night feedings of a colt so small and helpless but never hopeless.
Thank you all for your prayers