Thursday, March 27, 2008

My Sweet little Alligator

I have many nick names that I call my daughter like Joey, jelly bean, Miss Talyer if she needs correction but my favorate name for when I am so excited about who she is, is My sweet little Alligator. It comes from a story that I used to read to her when she was little. Where a chicken finds what she thinks is a rock and turns out to be an alligator egg. Not knowing that the alligator was not a chicken, the chicken treats her like one of her own and does everything with him that she would do with the other chickens. In the end the chicken finds the alligators mom and learns the true idenity of the "alligator" she had found. This did not change their relationship as they loved each other for who they were on the inside not by what they expection from the persons outer appearance. I miss her so much on the shifts when she has to be away for over nights. I am so blessed and greatful that I have Bette-Ann and her family to look after my sweet little alligator. Thank you Bette-Ann :)


Roxanne said...

Your sweet little alligator is in good hands.

Rhonda said...

Your daughter is a Sweetie!! And isn't it wonderful how God brings along people that can be family while we are required elsewhere.

What a great God connection.

Shari said...

Cute story. I was just thinking this week about what an answer to prayer it's been for your family to have Bette-Anne. It's never ceases to amaze me how God takes care of all the details... He LOVES us so much!!

I so enjoy reading your posts.

Rhonda said...

Be sure to head over to Andrew's blog.

It looks as though your name was drawn for a cd!!


praypraise&pamper said...

thanks for the heads up Rhonda