Thursday, March 13, 2008

For the *REST* of life

Rest is rejuvenating, refreshing and rewarding as is the obedience that God has blessed into my heart right now. Lately I have been listening to God with every ounce of my being (which is a first for me). For years now He has been guiding me to rest and I have continued at my crazy pace against His guidence. In this past week I have rested more that I have ever rested in my entire life. I feel more physical fatigue, but yet mentally and spiritually stronger than I have ever know. The more I rest the more opportunties for rest God shows me. No guilt, no shame just peaceful quiet resting. Thank you to all who have prayed for my rest over the years, finally I have found my resting place in God. And it is truely awesome !!! :)


Mona said...

Blessings Charmaine
Thanks for sharing

Roxanne said...


Shari said...

Charmaine I cried while reading this post. You are so "getting it".

I understand just a bit that this "resting thing" for you is a HUGE hurtle.

Your growth in the past several years has been unbelievable. I'd better get mov'in cause you're nipping at my heels!! lol Getting to know you has been extremely rewarding on so many levels.

"Come to Me - all who are weary and heavy ladened and I will give you REST."

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is really great to hear.
I am proud of you for being willing to listen and obey enough..... to lay down the "busy" part of your life, and instead, sit and listen.
This is a huge step forward for you.
I am soooooo proud of you!

I bet you are pleasantly surprised with what He is saying to you in this resting. I have a little saying, that I have said for years:

Rest, is a weapon.

I think it is a outward manifestation of an inward reality.
It is showing with your body... that you can "rest" in God and trust Him.

Wow, I'm blessed by your post, and so very proud of you. I will pray that you will yearn for more of these times, and that, each time...... God will surprise you with amazing input right from His heart.

Sending love.

Holly said...

Thats great Charmaine!

redeemed diva said...

I like your blog. Keep writing. And keep pressing into God. You never regret time spent chasing after Him

Tammy said...

Those that wait upon the Lord, their strength will be renewed. Keep resting and waiting, it will get easier the more you do it.
Blessings to you!!!
You GROW girl!!!!!!

Rhonda said...

Wishing you a wonderful Easter Charmaine!


Cathy said...

You are an amazing person! Sorry I missed your call. We'll connect soon!