Saturday, March 8, 2008

Question for everyone!!

When God calls you to go out and reach people and you sit back and triple check to make sure you have heard Him right, at what point do you actually take action and know for sure that it is God and not your pride or your own desires? Clearity is what I am seeking!


Mona said...

If you know God has called you to go out and reach people,then you know he will keep your human actions in check.
Remember God is at your side always.
Whatever it is you feel He has called you for be obedient.It's hard but worth it in the end.
Now with that being said you used the word desires.Desire to serve Him gives the Lord pride in his daughter.Trust in the Lord he knows your conflict and He will humble you if your true "desire" is based on a reward of feeling human pride.He knows the truth in your heart.I suggest you take action to reach others as this is what He has called us for. The blessings will be abundant all round,wether it be a lesson in pride or pride in your lesson of obedience.
Love you sweetie and am praying for an answere in your heart.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I answer comes more clear, AS you take the step.
Reaching out always involves risk. It it involves giving of yourself, and a deeper level of trust on hearing God.

Its not always about if everything turns out perfectly, but sometimes its simply about obeying God.

When you keep including God in each step, this is where there is safety.

Sometimes, He only has us make one step towards someone (planting one seed)..... sometimes its more. Its always good to keep going back to Him to ask Him what your next step is along the way. He will make it clear... and getting wise counsel from other trusted, seasoned people, will always bear good fruit too.

Love you

Mona said...

I agree whole heartedly with Cheryl.She put it so eloquently.
Trust in the Lord to show you the way.

jennifer said...

just keep trusting him !!!!!!

Shari said...

In knowing the will/hearing the voice of God there are many ways to get confirmation. One is through prayer, circumstances, but a key one is by going to those whom are spiritual leaders in your life and sharing with them. It is very important (especially as a single) to have prayer covering and those you are accountable to. God doesn't call us to be "lone rangers" we are called to be part of the body of Christ.

God will never ask you to do something contrary to His Word. Also be aware of your own personal weaknesses and use great wisdom in all areas.

Just longing to see continue to move forward and as a Mom want to make sure that you are well covered as you do.

WordNerd said...

Hey Charm, I just found your blog and I thought I'd try answering your question.

I think you know I'm not religious - but I am spiritual and I like to think I am moral.

I believe you know you're truly helping someone for their sake and not your own (and therefore acting upon G-d's will) when you want and expect nothing in return except the other person's health and happiness.

That's my two cents' worth!

Liz Pollack